The Importance of Creative Play

The Importance of Creative Play

Earlier this week, a friend of mine posted a New York Times article on Facebook titled, “Let the Kids Learn Through Play.” I was excited to read the article and want to share it with my readers. One of the learning objectives that you will see consistently repeated in the lessons and projects I create […]

Setting an Intention (nourishment through learning)


I am new to blogging, as you probably have noticed by the sheer volume of posts I have made ;). However, I am not new to teaching. As a part of my teaching practice, every time I develop a lesson plan I ask myself, “What is the objective of this lesson? What is my intention?” […]

Old School vs. New School

Old School vs New School

Everything has a beginning. Most everyone agrees that visual art plays an important role in human development, but how and when did art education become a part of compulsory education? There have been a multitude of social, cultural, and historical events that have shaped art education throughout the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries into what […]