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Printmaking with Gelatin

final_printsMay 21, 2015

I had been planning on trying gelatin printmaking with my Saturday morning kid’s art class for two years, but I was intimidated by how complex the process sounded after it was explained to me by a colleague…Let me clarify, this is SOOO EASY! I am kicking myself for not trying this sooner. It is also […]

The Importance of Creative Play

The Importance of Creative Play

Earlier this week, a friend of mine posted a New York Times article on Facebook titled, “Let the Kids Learn Through Play.” I was excited to read the article and want to share it with my readers. One of the learning objectives that you will see consistently repeated in the lessons and projects I create […]

Textured Watercolor Paintings

final paintingMay 21, 2015

Oooooo! I had so much fun doing this  project with my Saturday morning little kid’s art class, and the results were fantastic. It was so rewarding to watch each student playing with the materials, and making creative choices. Each painting turned out very differently and they were so into it, they each made like three […]

Repurposed Barn Window Jewelry Organizer

closeupMay 18, 2015

Well, it only took me a year…but, I finally finished my barn window jewelry organizer! In my defense, I planned a wedding, got married, and started a new job in that period of time. I got the idea off of Pinterest after searching for a solution to my jewelry becoming a tangled mess stored in […]

iPad Portrait Paintings: A Tool for Novice Painters

iPad Portrait Painting

iPads have officially infiltrated the art classroom (all classrooms for that matter) and they are quickly being integrated into curriculums across the country. I admit, I have mixed feelings about them. I love my personal iPad, I love using it as a teacher to reflect my iPad screen onto my projection dry-erase board, I love […]

Setting an Intention (nourishment through learning)


I am new to blogging, as you probably have noticed by the sheer volume of posts I have made ;). However, I am not new to teaching. As a part of my teaching practice, every time I develop a lesson plan I ask myself, “What is the objective of this lesson? What is my intention?” […]

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Papel Picado

Cinco de Mayo Papel Picado

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo…do you know what that means? Most people incorrectly associate this holiday with the celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day, but that is actually September 12th. Interestingly, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more as a Mexican-American holiday than it is in Mexico, much like St.Patrick’s Day isn’t celebrated in Ireland to the […]

Color Wheel Cupcakes (art you can eat! yummy!)

colowheel finished closeup_April 26, 2015

An art project that you can eat? Oh yeah, baby! Learning about color mixing can be both fun, educational, and delicious! This project gives a whole new meaning to, “Taste the Rainbow.” 😀 My sister and her two boys were in town this past week, visiting my parents, so I traveled home for some family […]